Wednesday, March 04, 2015

February is a hot month for entry level homes

The earlier months of the year are not always representative of the year as a whole, but there seems to be a pattern for entry level homes, as the sales numbers trended toward the lower end of the market.

Despite record amounts of snow falling the number of entry level single family homes that went to contract increased dramatically this February when compared to February 2014. In Westport 41 homes went to contract versus 25 in the same month last year.  The median sold price for homes selling in February was at $883,000 compared to $785,000 in Feb. 2014.   These prices are well below the median sales price for the end of 2014 in Westport, which was over $1.3 million.  These
sales represent both properties going under contract in early 2015 as well as late 2014 contracts.
The year to date median sold price of $1.2 is much closer to those year end figures, implying a jump in entry level activity this month.  The median price at this time last year was at $1 million, so the trend of lower priced homes going early in the year is something to look at in the future.

Weston also saw an active market, with 16 homes going to escrow compared to 9 in February 2014
and for the year there has been an 80 per cent increase to 27 properties compared to 15 through February of last year.  The median sold levels in February were at only $558,000 compared to $710,000 last February, a decrease of 21.5%.  Year to date levels are also down considerably to $690,000 compared to $833,000 in Feb. 2014.

Wilton saw the most dramatic increase in contract activity, 160%, with 26 homes going to escrow compared to 10 last February.   The median sales price of $779,000 for February was slightly below last year's median price but well below the February average of $1.2 million.  Year to date the median sales price is $830,000 vs. $705,000 at the same time last year.  For the first two months of the year there have been 40 homes that have gone to contract, an increase of nearly 74%.

Fairfield, whose market is driven in much greater part by the entry level has seen its year to date median sales price  increase slightly to $558,000, just below the 2014 yearly median sales price.
The sales numbers have also  sharply improved.  Year to date there have been 125 homes that have gone to contract compared to 76 at this point last year.  That is a healthy 64.5% increase.  For February that increase was 84%. 

Inventory levels are slightly above historic averages.  Much of this inventory is represented by homes that were on the market previously in 2014.  New inventory has actually decreased thus far this year.
The coming months should see vibrant sales activity.

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