Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mid-Fairfield Sales Through Labor Day 2017

Our Mid-Fairfield area, which includes Westport, Weston, Wilton and Fairfield has seen remarkably steady sales in 2017 compared to last year.

Westport, which tends to be locomotive for sales in the 4 towns has had the best year statistically, with 308 sales thus far this year compared to 276 sales in 2016 through Labor day.  The median price has gone up incrementally from $1,289,000 in 2016 to $1,325,000 currently. Approximately 1/3 (96) of the 2017 sales have been under $1 million.  The highest sales price recorded in 2017 has been at 75 Beachside Ave., $6,575,000.  There were 53 new home sales with a median price of $2,115,000.

Weston has been a study in regularity.  2017 sales have totaled 120 compared to 118 in 2016.  The 2017 median price dipped a little over 1% to $789,000. There have been 31 sales over $1 million in Weston, with 4 of those over $2,000,000.  There have been 7 new homes sold year-to-date in Weston.

Wilton too is a near reflection of its neighbor. The 164 sales year to date compares to 163 in 2016, and the median prices have dropped from $808,000 to $765,000, a 5% difference.  34 of these sales have been over $1 million and only 3 have been over $2 million.

Fairfield, with the largest population of the four towns, continues to sell at a steady pace: 573 sales in 2017 compared to 571 in 2016. The median price has inched up from $590,000 in 2016 to $599,000 this year.  There have been 59 new home sales in 2017 with a median price of $1,045,000 compared to 46 last year with a median price of $1,061,300.  The highest sales price in Fairfield in 2017 was at 375 Sasco Hill road  which sold for $3,637,500.

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Westport Condo and New Construction Update

The condominium market makes up about 8 per cent of the overall sales in Westport. Year to date there have been 26 condo sales with a median price of  $500,500.  Of those 26 properties, 6 have been in the Greens Farms area (Regent’s Park) with a median sales price of $802,500.  There are currently only 11 active condominium listings (2 in Greens Farms) with 4 properties under contract.  The total sales numbers have been remarkably consistent.  At this time in 2006, for example, there had also been exactly 26 sales through the end of September. 

Sales of newly constructed homes have been on the rise over the past year. There have been 58 sales of new homes thus far this year compared to 52 at this time last year, and there are an additional 11 new homes that are under contract.  The median price of these sales has been $ 2,050,000.  There are currently 60 new homes that are on the market at a median list price of $2,400,000.  They vary in price from $1,399,000 to $11, 975,000.

Town-wide sales of single family homes as of September were up over 10% to 332 compared to 287 at this time last year.  The median sales price of $1,325,000 is up from $1,295,000 at this time last year.

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