Thursday, August 24, 2017

Booming by the Beach

It was an exciting month for Compo Beach area real estate. Properties at 24 Manitou, 15 Buena Vista, 1 Yankee Hill, and 36 Compo Parkway took accepted offers. These homes are listed from $4,750,000 to $5,985,000. Four other homes in the Compo area listed between $1,300,000 and $1,525,000 have also accepted offers. There are currently only 2 properties in the Compo beach area listed for under $1 million. The number of homes actively listed in Compo area now stands at 38, with a total of 9 homes under binder, and 3 homes under contract.
In Greens Farms, homes at 82 Clapboard Hill, 29 West Parish and 1 Canning lane recently accepted offers. These homes are listed between $1,549,000 and $1,695,000. A home located at 75 Beachside avenue listed at $7,850,000 recently accepted an offer. This is the highest listed home in Westport to have an accepted offer this year. There are currently 46 single family homes actively listed in Greens Farms, 4 that have accepted offers, and 4 homes that are under contract.
In Westport as a whole there are 317 active listings (low for this time of year) with 53 homes that are under binder, 39 that are under contract and 63 that have sold year to date. At this time last year we had 58 homes sold, so despite the later than expected snow we are still ahead of 2016.

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