Thursday, August 24, 2017

Steady as she goes...

As a nautical town, I thought that the above terminology was an apt description of our current real estate market. The current inventory of 375 single family homes would appear on the surface to be slightly above average levels. A closer look shows only 84 of these listings under $1 million. The remaining 291 properties are listed over $1million and 142 of these are over $ 2million. That last sector, in particular, represents an overabundance of inventory.
The Greens Farms/Compo active inventory currently stands at 97, with 45 homes in Greens Farms and 42 in the Compo area, representing approximately 26% of town-wide inventory. Greens Farms has 15 properties under contract and Compo has 14. The current median price of homes under contract in Greens Farms is $1,844,000 while the beach area’s median price under contract in $2.4 million.
There have been 139 overall single family sales in Westport compared to 125 at this time in 2016. The current median price of those sales is at $1,486,000 compared to $1,350,000 at this time last year. Compo sales this year are one above 2016 levels while Greens Farms sales are lagging by 7. As of the writing of this article it is still a bit early to tell whether these trends will hold.

8 Tiffany lane is listed at $3,995,000

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